Fitness Digest – June 27, 2021

Photo of Brock in a massage chair
Recovering in a massage chair after my Cheat Machine session.

I recently ventured down Vancouver Island to Victoria to check out the new Upgrade Labs location that opened about a month ago. They have many kooky and fun pieces of equipment there but I went straight for a device they call the “Cheat Machine” (brand name: ARX). 

Without getting into too many details (I’ll save that for a podcast episode) the ARX uses adaptive resistance technology where you exercise against a motorized system, paired with special computer software, to give you a super-challenging workout.

After only 4 reps of squats, chest press and row, I was shaking, weak, and gasping. The full workout (including rests) was only 11 minutes long but I am SOOOOOORE today – making this the kind of workout you don’t do very often – but when you do, it counts.

And now, with that out of the way, on with this week’s digest!

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Get-Fit Guy – How to Choose a Home Workout Platform
In the entire history of the fitness industry, consumers now have more choices than ever. But how to know which devices or services to spend your hard-earned money on? I interviewed Colleen Logan of ICON Health & Fitness and professional cyclist George Hincapie to help cut through the hype. 

Get-Fit Guy – What Happens When You Foam Roll
Did you know that you are essentially rolling out your brain when you foam roll your glutes? I invited Michael Cummings, Director of Education for TriggerPoint therapy, to teach us about the benefits of foam rolling.

Change Academy – Stop Coping So Well
Coping mechanisms are not inherently a bad thing. If we can’t avoid or escape something unpleasant or even harmful, figuring out a way to cope with it is a good survival strategy. But sometimes we use coping mechanisms to tolerate things that maybe we shouldn’t be tolerating. In this episode, Monica and I explore the difference between helpful and unhelpful coping.


A company called RecoverFun saw the previous rather ramshackle video I did about Occlusion or Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training and decided to send me some proper, cool-looking, easy-to-use cuffs. So, of course, I couldn’t resist doing a Workout of the Week video about them.

Learn more and watch the full video at

Social Media:

This question I posed to our Weighless Life (private) Facebook group really took off this week. With nearly 3,000 members the group is very active and fun. When I asked for examples of what people have been putting into action as a result of joining the group, the answers ranged everywhere from increasing daily water intake (pretty simple) to completely revamping their meal and exercise planning (rather complex).

Although it is a private group, we are always looking for new members so check us out at We’d love to have you!

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