Video: Balance, Stability & Mobility

Use it or lose it! Your balance, I mean.

If you pay attention to it, the world is always trying to knock you over in creative ways. The ground gets slippery when it snows, it gets slick with wet leaves and mud, unpredictable people and animals dart out at you, and the ground is often riddled with bumps and cracks. Plus our old friend/foe gravity is constantly pulling on us as if it is just waiting for us to lose our balance and take a tumble. The fact that we manage to stay upright the majority of the day is actually pretty freakin’ incredible.

If you think of general good fitness (as I do) being:

“the ability to do the activities you enjoy and move through the world
with ease and comfort”

then to get and remain fit, you don’t always have to get sweaty and out of breath. Sometimes you just have to slow down and focus on the basics – like balance, coordination and mobility.

This naturally occurring obstacle course on the beach near my house is a perfect place for me to maintain and build these important aspects of my physical fitness.

I start at one end of the beach and try to spend as little time on the sand and rocks as possible but balancing on the driftwood and jumping from one log to the other.

This is not only fun but a great way to use all my proprioceptive senses. Because we all know, if we don’t use it we will lose it!

For more info, take a look at my Get-Fit Guy article and podcast episode about balance.

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