Fitness Digest – Oct 2, 2021

I have some exciting news! Monica Reinagel and I are doing another one of our fun-filled, informative, live, and FREE workshops – this time we will teach you our top 5 strategies for shifting out of a weight loss mentality to a weighing less mindset. See what I did there?

In this one hour workshop, you will learn all about the somewhat weird and wonderful shifts that have helped hundreds of our Weighless members finally stop fricken dieting and start weighing less. This is good stuff! I promise. 

It is all going down on Sunday October 3rd at 3pm ET (12pm PT) and you can register for free. See you there!

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Change Academy – What Goals are Still Unmet?
It’s been well over a year since we first talked about unmet goals and we thought it would be a great time to revisit this topic. If you’ve already listened to Episode 6, this is your chance to revisit this topic with fresh ears. If you haven’t… let’s dig in!

Scientific American (ICYMI) – 3 Problems with High-Intensity Interval Training
The allure of short, intense workouts is obvious. But is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) really the only workout you need for good overall fitness?


Brock Armstrong Fitness – Why I Do Cold Water Dips
One of the things I love most about where I live is that I can walk to the beach for a morning dip. Granted, I live in Canada… on Vancouver Island… so much of the year the water is ~8 degrees celsius (or colder). But I still go in – and here is why!


Stand Up Padding – Dry Land Workout
I went for a looooong paddle the other morning and while I was there, staring out at the open ocean, I thought this workout up.

The exercises in this video are:

  • Standing Bird Dog
  • Standing rotation (with resistance band)
  • Hip hike with leg raise
  • Shoulder External Rotation / Internal Rotation
  • Wood Chopper
  • Side plank / side plank rotation
  • Running Man Row
  • Hip clock

Read more about this workout at

Social Media:

In this Instagram post I reached out to find out what types of exercises you could use some help with. I love coming up with and filming my “Workout of the Week” videos but I would love it even more if I knew I was answering specific questions that you have. So, if you have any ideas or need some help with a movement or exercise, comment on this post and let me know. I am all ears!

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