Get-Fit Guy’s “Workout of the Week” #21

This “workout of the week” is all about how to stretch and relax the muscles in your chest and shoulders.

To understand why this is important, make sure to check out the latest article/podcast called 4 Ways to Improve Your Posture and Lose that Slouch

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  1. Hi Brock I do your early morning wake up routine every morning and listen to your weekly podcasts. I have changed a lot of my workout routines because of things I have learned from you. I love my Vivobarefoot shoes.

    I know you responded to my request on Facebook about my interest in how to put more movement in your day. I saw your response last night but did not have time to read it. Unfortunately I could not find it this morning. Could you send the link to the article to my email address

    Again, I love your podcasts and have recommended them to many of my senior citizen friends who are trying to stay in shape.

    Thanks so much for all you do to keep us fit and healthy. It is greatly appreciated!

    Anne Strange
    Reston VA

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