Why You Need a Morning Movement Routine with Brad Kearns (B.Rad Podcast)

Do you have a morning movement routine that you do every day? Don’t think you need one? Well, author, podcaster and former professional triathlete, Brad Kearns, joins me to give you 10 reasons a morning exercise routine will change your life.

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1: Improve Focus And Discipline

84% of Americans start their day reaching for a mobile device; instead, you are pro-actively taking control of your day!

2: Natural Energy Boost

Gentle morning exercise in natural light prompts an optimal boost of energizing, mood-elevating hormones in the bloodstream – better than coffee!

3: Habit Forming

Repeating the exercise template every day wires behaviour into a habit, and helps your brain form other habits.

4: Meet Daily Movement Objectives

No matter what happens during your busy days, you are getting guaranteed exercise every morning

5: Elevate Fitness Base For Formal Workouts

By working on flexibility, mobility, balance, and muscle-strengthening each day, workout performance and recovery improve

6: Injury Prevention

Daily exercises that address imbalances and dysfunction make you more resilient against both overuse and acute injuries

6: Catalyst For Fat Reduction

Starting your day with physical activity helps boost fat metabolism, and regulate mood, appetite, and energy levels

7: Scalable

You can start slowly with a five-minute commitment, and build naturally and gracefully over time.

8: For Everyone

Choose exercises appropriate to your fitness level and unique needs and performance goals.

9: Mindset

Starting your day with exercise trains you to prioritize fitness, health, time management, and strategic planning.

10: Meditation

Repeating the daily sequences and counting reps through each exercise creates a meditative experience.

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