Movement Digest – Nov 28, 2021

I am going to keep this short because we got a cute little rescue kitten last week and she is my world right now!

But one thing movement/fitness related that I will say before I dive into the digest is: if you want to increase your floor time (and here are some good reasons to do that) getting a new pet is the perfect way to do it! I am always a bit of a floor sitter but lately I am exclusively a floor sitter, crawler, layer, and roller. 

Now, please excuse me, there is a piece of string with a bobble on the end that needs to be jiggled 🙂


Second Wind Fitness – Love the Movement, Not Just the Finish Line
What if instead of trying to get your exercise over with, like swallowing yucky medicine, you actually relish the activity itself? What if you complete that activity smiling, feeling good, and looking forward to the next time you get to do it? Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Second Wind Fitness – The Calorie Conundrum with Monica Reinagel (the Nutrition Diva)
Have you ever wondered what a calorie actually is, how it is measured, and what it actually has to do with our biology – let alone our workouts? Well then this episode with Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN is for you.

Change Academy – How Will You Tell the Story?
All of us will experience our share of challenges, disappointments, and hardships as we go through our lives. We may go through things that are quite traumatic. Our ability to recover and transcend these things depends a lot on how we tell the story of our lives. In this episode, we’re exploring the power of narrative psychology and how we can each use it to cultivate more resilience.


Fun With Stairs

Here is a circuit workout that you can do with a small or big set of stairs. I came up with this workout when we were having a huge scary storm in the area and I didn’t want to risk going out for my normal (movement-filled) walk.

The exercises I do in this video are:

  • Stair Push-ups
  • Stair Bear Crawls
  • Jumping jacks
  • Step Down Squats
  • Incline Push-ups
  • Stair Lunges
  • High Knees (with taps)
  • Calf Raises

Read more about this workout and more at here.

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