Stretching, rolling, getting healthyWell, ok. It might be time to face facts… I am injured. Not badly. Not badly at all. Nowhere near bad enough to pull out of the race or even take time off of training. No no, dear reader, fear not! I’m merely injured bad enough to have enlisted a chiropractor, a massage therapist and a physiotherapist all in one week.

It’s all in my head back. My sacroiliac to be exact. Apparently I run a little lopsided (who doesn’t?) and as my mileage increased, my right sacroiliac joint started to feel the pressure and lock up. The problem first manifested itself as knee pain (weird) which dissipated soon after my first ART treatment (phew!) but has now become a real pain in the butt… literally.

Currently the pain is more localized just above the right dimple in my lower back. I have this strange urge to get a very large man to pick me up by my ankles and hang me upside down until something pops back into place. I know that is not how the body works but… you know – a runner can dream.

This morning my physiotherapist used heat, tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), acupuncture and some massage on me. It feels pretty good right now. Tomorrow morning the chiropractor will do some ART (read: wail on me with both hands) on my hip, gluteus medius, iliopsoas and IT band for a while. On Thursday the massage therapist will concentrate on my right gluteus medius, iliopsoas and the muscles above and below (collateral damage).

On my own I have a regime to follow: stretching, foam rolling and strengthening weak areas. Tonight, while watching and waiting for Federal Election Results to come in, I will do: a few sets of Janes, Prone Glute Raises, TA Squeezes and Clamshells until the cows come home. Then on to Cat-Camel, Cobra and a Standing Lateral Bend. Then I’ll spend some time foam rolling everything that is connected to my hip. Finally a quick Ice Bath and to bed early with my heating pad. After all, I have to run 10k @ 5:15/km tomorrow morning!

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