All Day I Dream About… Shoes!

Adizero Boston, Tempo and Adios
The shocking truth is that before this makeover I had never owned a pair of Adidas shoes *gasp*. It’s true! In fact, I had only ever owned 1 pair of Adidas warm-up pants and… that is all. Why? I don’t know. No particular reason, I just didn’t.

Currently I own 4 pairs of Adidas shoes (2 Adizero Bostons, 1 pair of Tempos and 1 pair of Adios) and I love them all for different reasons. I also have 2 pairs of Running RESPONSE Dual Baggy shorts, 2 pairs of running pants (including the ones I owned previously), a RESPONSE 3-Stripes Wind Jacket, 6 pairs of Formotion socks and more Trefoil, Formotion and Climacool t-shirts than I can count (mostly because it would involve rooting through the laundry hamper and I am not prepared for that this morning).

Last weekend I PB’ed (or is it PR? Ha ha) at a 10k in Edmonton (42:49) and here’s what I was wearing: The Adizero Adios shoes, Adidas shorts, a black Adidas Formotion singlet (over another brand’s long sleeve compression shirt… shhhh) and the Adidas Formotion socks. It was a perfect outfit for a cloudy spring morning in Edmonton.

That race solidified it for me – I am wearing the Adios shoes in the Toronto Goodlife Half Marathon next weekend. They are light, fast and don’t have any kind of extra cushioning that could get in the way of my body’s own natural running motion or foot-fall. To top it off, Haile Gebrselassie wore these shoes when he ran a World Record 2:03:59 marathon… so what the heck?!?!

In contrast to the Adios, yesterday while coaching my Team in Training’s Peak Distance session (the longest distance my “running ducklings” will encounter before their race) I wore the Adizero Tempo shoes. The Tempos have a honkin’ heel, tons of cushion and some stability control. They are pretty darn perfect for those long slow sessions where comfort and protection are more important than speed and agility.

Up until lately I have been primarily using the Adizero Boston shoes, which are very versatile (I have worn them on the track and the trails) but with the weather getting better here in Edmonton and (most of) the snow being gone, I have been bustin’ out of my winter cocoon. The Boston’s are likely what I will continue to use as my “everyday shoe” but it is fun to have other options for other workouts.

The shorts are great, though I will pick up a size small next time (the size mediums are baggy enough that I have some skin-on-skin action ‘tween my thighs – eeeee!). The Trefoil and Formation shirts are super cool in both senses of the word. And the socks! Man, I cannot say enough about the socks. Do your feet a favour and go get some. Pure awesomeness. Awesomesocks? Yeah. I’ll go with that.

Suffice to say that I am an Adidas convert. Brand loyalty has never been my strong suit but when I find something that works I stick with it – and this stuff works! Thanks Adidas and iRun for hookin’ me up.

* For more info on the gear (and a photo of me squatting)
see the post Look and feel like a ‘real’ Runner.

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