Video: 7 Fun Ways to use a Treadmill

First off, I am not one of those people who dislikes running on a treadmill. I actually quite enjoy it. The term dreadmill is not one I will use… unless someone makes me run for more than an hour or so.

But I am still 100% on board with finding new and exciting ways to use that machine that is cluttering up the house. Because, like I always say, if you aren’t enjoying your workout find a new one!

I personally own a Bowflex T10 that features the JRNY software. And while I dig the dedicated run workouts that come packaged with the JRNY software, I am excited to share these seven fun (and perhaps whacky) ways to use a treadmill.

The exercises in this video are:

  • Calf strut
  • Bear crawl
  • Side shuffle / backwards run
  • Mountain climber
  • Plank walk
  • Duck walk
  • Walking lunge

Let me know if you have any questions about how to do these or other treadmill-based workouts.

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