Video: Lunge Variations

When it comes to getting a good leg workout, there is nothing quite like a lunge. But I know that simply lunging forward and backward, over and over, can get boring.

So if you want to mix things up here are 3 movements that will engage and energize those all-important leg muscles – PLUS – you can string them together into what is called a Lunge Matrix that will build strength while challenging your balance and coordination too!

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  1. Hi Brock, I have been a big fan of yours for almost four or five years. You have had a great impact on how I work out. I miss you on the Get Fit Guy but I am really enjoying your podcasts and liked your last interview with Brad. I want you to know I am very happy with your 5 minute morning warm routine (just don’t have time for a 40 minute warm up) and have been doing it every morning since you first put it on UTube. Glad to see you have a house and a yard.

    1. That is great, Anne! Getting your body moving in the morning feels so good. Thank you so much for leaving me this message. And if you have any suggestions for future videos or podcast topics, please let me know.

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