Video: Mostly Legs Core Workout

Most people think core workouts are all about crunches and sit-ups but we can work the core very effectively with movements (mostly) made by the legs.

In this video, I demonstrate:

  1. Double Legs Raise
  2. Donkey Kicks
  3. Flutter Kick
  4. Plank Toe Taps
  5. Feet Circles
  6. Mountain Climber

If you do these together, it makes a heck of a core workout. And, as you can see, you can do it anywhere you have room – and you don’t have to even change your clothes!

2 Replies to “Video: Mostly Legs Core Workout”

  1. Wow and ouch, so saying tomorrow I am completing 3 weeks of planking everyday, and the exercises in this video are something to be working towards.

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