Video – Loading Exercises

There are many types of weight-bearing exercises that cause a response from our bones but it takes a certain type of “load” to stimulate the bone-building cells.

The exercises in this video provide that type of loading. Make sure you choose a weight that is heavy enough that you will not be able to do more than 10 reps.

Effective osteogenic loading requires a heavier weight than you might be used to. When we stand upright, resisting gravity puts a load on our bones, but our body is well adapted to this load (or at least it ought to be). So, to stimulate our body to build stronger bones, we need to add a much higher load to create the compression and bending needed to encourage our bodies to deliver the necessary energy and resources to our skeletal system.

These two exercises, along with many others you can find on this YouTube channel, can help with that.

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