How to use Yoga for Athletic Performance with Abi Carver (Yoga15)

My guest, Abi Carver, is the founder of and head instructor at Yoga 15, a two-time 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, and a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. So yeah, she knows a thing or two about how the body moves. Which makes her the perfect person to explain how we can use yoga to support our fitness endeavours.

She is on a mission to bring yoga to men and women, passionate about their sports, who are training hard, looking for the edge and who recognize that yoga is a highly effective performance and recovery tool but don’t know where to start.

Photo of Abi Carver stretching

In this episode, we focus on Abi’s skills as being someone who has identified how you can use yoga to benefit sports performance not by becoming a full-on yogi but by using yoga to build flexibility, mobility, balance, strength, coordination, and accuracy. 

We also dispel the myth that our goal should always be to just get more and more flexible (instead of being functionally flexible) but mostly we dig into some specific ways that we can use yoga to perform better in our chosen sport but also to stay mobile as we age … even if you aren’t interested in doing one-handed-lotus-inversions 🙂

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  1. Really enjoyed the conversation with Abi, and finding out more about how yoga could have a role in my routine,

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