Fitness Digest – Oct 17, 20201

October is just flying by and there is a lot of stuff brewing in my world. I have done several interviews on other people’s podcasts (more on that in the coming weeks), Monica and I just ushered our latest cohort into the Weighless program, and I am scheming on some other very cool plans.

One of those cool plans being a break from the toxicity and manipulation of social media. But more on that at the end of this newsletter. For now – on with the digest!

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Change Academy – How to Use Stress to Your Advantage
Our guest on this episode is Dr. Nicole Byers. A self-proclaimed neuroscience nerd, mom, and leadership/productivity coach, Dr. Byers helps busy professionals build confidence and get more done. I spoke with her about the best ways to use stress. 

Change Academy – What to do When You Lapse
Everyone has lapses – small slips, moments, or even brief periods of time when you fall back into old habits and old patterns. In this episode, Monica and I give you some concrete steps to learn from your lapses and avoid self-sabotage. 

Scientific American (ICYMI) – Going Barefoot and 8 Other Ways to Improve Balance
Balance is something we don’t think much about after we learn it (as a child) or start to lose it (as a senior), but balance is crucial to healthy living. Learn how you can build and maintain your balance now and into your later years. 


Brock Armstrong Fitness – Does Curcumin Work on DOMS?
Recently, there were a few more studies that looked into how curcumin supplementation affects both exercise-induced muscle damage and post-exercise muscle soreness. And, not surprisingly, the results were mixed.


7 Movement Bench Workout

If you happen to have access to a bench (or can find one in your neighbourhood) these seven movements can be combined into a great little workout. 

The exercises in this video are:

  1. Step-ups
  2. Bench Push-ups
  3. Toe Taps
  4. Dips
  5. Box Jumps (down)
  6. Box Jumps (up)
  7. Knee-ins and Scissor kicks

There are more exercises that you can do on a bench, of course. But if you do these seven, you will pretty much have your bases covered.

Read more about this workout at

Social Media:

Last week, Facebook and Instagram went down for a few hours and it was mayhem on the net! But if I am honest with myself, I actually felt a sense of relief. Move over, I found myself hoping for this to be a permanent outage.

I honestly felt a sense of relaxation in the thought that I would never again have to go on Zuckerbeg’s evil machine. So, over the next while I am going to be experimenting with different ways to spread my message and using all of my social media channels as sparingly as possible. Don’t worry, I will continue to publish my Workout of the Week videos on YouTube. 

THE GOOD NEWS is that you can sign up for my newsletter, right here. Then, every two weeks I will send out this fitness digest to keep in touch with you. And please know that if you hit reply on this email that your message comes directly to me, Brock, not a spam filter, not a virtual assistant, but actually to me. And I will reply!

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