Video: Standing Core Workout

Now this is a core workout you can truly do anywhere and in pretty much any outfit!

Building and maintaining a strong and stable core is arguably the most critical part of any exercise program—especially if you have plans on continuing to be mobile and fit well into your senior years.

The exercises in this video are:

  • Lateral Bend (side to side)
  • Torso Rotation
  • Spinal Flexion and Extension
  • Hip Circles
  • Hip Hinges
  • Standing Cat Cow
  • Standing Bird Dog
  • Standing (roll) Crunches
  • Squatting Side Crunch
  • Knee Tuck Extension (side to side)
  • Standing Bicycle Crunch
  • Oblique Bends (with weight)
  • Front Cicles
  • Overhead Circles
  • Wood Chopper

This seems like a lot of exercises but it can be done quire quickly and easily when you need/want a good movment break that can help strengthen you core. And by core I mean “knees to nipples” not just the muscles on the front of you tummy!

The core includes muscles in your lower back, muscle bands that flank your spine, your pelvic floor, your diaphragm, and all around your hips. In total there are more than 15 muscles that make up your core and all of them are as important as your abs, if not more so.

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