Fitness Digest – Oct 31, 2021

I came across this quote a few weeks ago. I had seen it before but I had forgotten what a powerful message it contains:

“True wellbeing comes from learning how to tolerate momentary discomfort for long term satisfaction.”

Think about that for a minute… see if you can think of a moment in the last day or so when you chose to eat something you didn’t intend to or skip a workout that you had planned on – all in the name of a momentary reward — or to avoid a moment of discomfort.

Being able to see which momentary discomforts are worth pushing through in our life can really allow us to flourish and meet our goals = long term satisfaction. 

If any of the following topics happen to tickle your fancy, click the underlined text to read or listen.


Second Wind Fitness – Teaser: Get Ready to Move More of Your Body, More Often
In the coming weeks, I have guests, topics, tests, workouts, and mind-blowing information all coming your way in podcast form.

Change Academy – Rhythms vs Schedules
We often talk about the importance of planning ahead–and sticking to the plan. But we also advocate for mindfulness: being attuned to your experience in the present moment. In this episode, Monica and I explore the pros and cons of sticking to the schedule vs. going with the flow. (Psssst: it all comes down to finding a healthy balance between structure and flexibility.)

Scientific American (ICYMI) – 10 Tips to Supercharge Your Running Routine
By rethinking our running habits we can maximize running’s benefits and minimize its shortcomings.


Standing Core Workout
Now this is a core workout you can truly do anywhere and in pretty much any outfit!

Building and maintaining a strong and stable core is arguably the most critical part of any exercise program—especially if you have plans on continuing to be mobile and fit well into your senior years.

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