Guest Video: Jill de Jong

I am excited to introduce you to a new friend, fellow podcaster and fitness coach, Jill de Jong!

The movements in this 8-minute workout are:

  1. Clam
  2. Heel Lift
  3. Fire Hydrant
  4. Booty Pulses

Jill is a woman who’s done it all: as a former supermodel, world traveller, and cookbook author, and now a health coach and podcast host, her life has been filled with incredible experiences, which she shares openly and honestly in her podcast, Life Done Better.

I had a great time connecting with her and chatting about limiting beliefs and creating lasting change (on her podcast), and also exploring motivation and goal setting (when she was a guest on my Get-Fit Guy show)

Jill loves to share her valuable life lessons and knowledge, giving you practical tips for boosting your overall wellness, mental health, and confidence; All the tools you need to build a life you love.

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