All-or-nothing, vacations, worthiness and a chair workout

I got a wonderful email from a wonderful listener the other day. This is what Wonderful Listener had to say:

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated your last three podcasts. Each with their own particular spin, reinforced the valuable messages of avoiding all-or-nothing thinking, focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t, and the power of a little planning, and habits. I’ve heard you speak about these in the past, but I find the reinforcement really valuable. I thought of you recently when I was doing “ladder squats” on the slide when I took some of the grandchildren to the playground.😉”

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Everyday movement, success, plus a great core exercise

Before we dig into what I have been up to in the past two weeks, I want to share something I did yesterday that I think you will like (and hopefully emulate).

It was a busy day, with more appointments and hurdles than usual. That meant I didn’t get my usual morning walk and workout in – oh no! But do not fear, dear reader, I had a solution! I just set an alarm on my watch to go off every 30 minutes and when it would go off, I would stop what I was doing and do either:

And you know what? By the end of the day, I had accumulated a heck of a workout!

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Holiday exercise, why you’re stuck, and a 2-minute workout

I know I KNOW. For those of you who celebrate Xmas, today is a terrible day to be sending you an email newsletter! But what can I do? I am a slave to my schedule. So here you go – consider this your pan-religious, pansexual, personal pan pizza winter holiday edition of my Candlenights movement digest. 

Quick reminder: enrollment is now open for the next cohort of our fun and mind-changing Weighless program, which will kick off on January 6.  If you’re not familiar with our work in the Weighless program, you can check out this replay of a recent workshop (The 5 Things You Need to Succeed) and learn more about us and the program.

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