Should you Ditch the Chair? A case for “active rest”

Most wellness and fitness experts agree that our human meat sack bodies are not really suited for all the sitting we do in our modern, convenience-laden lifestyles. There are a ton of studies that have linked the steep increase in sedentary time to the steep increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease. But evolutionarily speaking, how does this really stack up? Are we really that much more sedentary than we were a few hundred or thousands of years ago? Let’s look at what the science says.

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Movement Snacks – If You Want the Benefits but Don’t Like to Exercise

Maybe you aren’t interested in “getting buff” and have no interest in running a 10k never mind a marathon. Well, there are still plenty of reasons for you to move your body more often. And in this episode, we’ll look at not only why you might want to do that but we’ll also look at the how – by introducing a (not so) new idea called Movement Snacks!

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How to use Yoga for Athletic Performance with Abi Carver (Yoga15)

My guest, Abi Carver, is the founder of and head instructor at Yoga 15, a two-time 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, and a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. So yeah, she knows a thing or two about how the body moves. Which makes her the perfect person to explain how we can use yoga to support our fitness endeavours.

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Getting Durable with Tim Waggoner (Endurance Planet)

What does being “durable” mean to you?

My guest on this episode, Tim “Lucho” Waggoner, has a goal of being durable. Physically and mentally. And I love that notion. It takes so many of the loaded ideas we have about our bodies out of the equation.

And being durable feels so much more meaningful than simply being thin or muscular but it can include it.

Tim raced as a professional triathlete before switching his focus to ultra races. He switched once again to sprint distance races before really changing his focus to work on becoming as durable as possible. We get into what that means and how you can achieve it, in this episode.  

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