Goal setting, blood pressure, and resistance bands

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Let’s start here: we are all different. Our minds and bodies work differently, and we have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, you probably find some of my videos, podcast episodes and articles more useful than others, right? This is likely because of your goal-setting personality. We all have one, and they are all unique.

Knowing what style of goal-setting works best for you can help you leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, that is why Monica Reinagel and I (mostly Monica) came up with a free, new and improved, quiz to help you identify your goal-setting personality.

This updated version of the quiz includes a new goal-setting personality type AND a playlist of podcast episodes specifically selected for each goal-setting type.  So, even if you took the quiz in the past, you might want to take it again – or tell a friend to go to changeacademypodcast.com/personality

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Stress, resistance bands, and activity trackers

Before we dive into this issue of my fortnightly digest, I want to tell you about a course you may enjoy

Licensed nutritionist, behaviour change coach and co-founder of the Weighless Program, Monica Reinagel has helped hundreds of people create a healthier, happier relationship with food and their bodies – including finally breaking the cycle of stress and emotional eating. 

To that end, beginning on October 23, 2022, Monica will be offering a special program on Overcoming Stress Eating. So, if you’ve been struggling with this particular issue, I hope you will join her by going to Weighless.Life/stress I truly believe it will change the way you look at stress and stress eating.

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Treats, sore necks, and stumbling blocks

Before we dive into this issue of my fortnightly digest, a little story. 

I recently spent some time with an acquaintance of mine who has wanted to lose some body fat for nearly a decade now. A refrain I have often heard from him is something like “my life is hard enough without also eliminating the treats that I enjoy.”  

But here’s the thing: moments after eating the treat, he was back to complaining about his job, his money issues, and so on. *Huh?*

So here’s the thing: You can live a miserable life with treats or without them. They’re not the thing that is making your life worth living. And perhaps, just perhaps, taking some control of your life and making a change for the better (such as limiting – not eliminating – your treats) might actually make you feel better about your place in the world, not worse. 

What do you think?

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Cross-training, elastic bands and strong-healthy hands

Many of you know (or maybe you don’t) that I produce the Move Your DNA podcast with biomechanist Katy Bowman. And many of you also know (or maybe not) that I am Canadian. Well, worlds collided recently when the Canadian magazine IMPACT published an article of Katy’s all about cross-training… but likely not the type of cross-training you are used to hearing about. 

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Movement & diabetes, exercise & menopause, and Hanging Strength

Before I get into this week’s movement digest/round-up/newsletter, a quick and exciting note: My friend and business partner, Monica Reinagel, is offering another 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade. And it is going to kick off on September 11th. So, if your healthy eating habits could use an upgrade, I hope you’ll join us (that’s right, I will be there too)!

You can find out more and register at NutritionOverEasy.com/upgrade

AND because you are a follower of me and hopefully my podcast (Second Wind Fitness), you can save 20% with the promo code: secondwind

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Lunge variations, contagious exercise, and footfall

I hate to be boring and talk about the weather but lately, the weather in this world is anything but boring. Now I know many of you live in a place where it may be in fact too hot but I am happy to report that here in the northern part of the pacific northwest, we are finally getting some summer – so excuse me if this intro is abbreviated, but I have a beach to get to, eh!

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Morning Routine, Frustration, and a Leg Lifting Workout

If you’ve been listening to my podcast or reading my newsletters over the past few weeks, you know that I have been getting ready to start a new cohort in the year-long Weighless program. (This is the group coaching program, where Monica Reinagel and I help people finally break the cycle of endless dieting and learn how to become someone who weighs less.)

Well, that new group is now officially underway BUT if you’re feeling some FOMO, I have awesome news: It is not too late!  

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Another workshop, lifting heavy stuff and dead bugs.

No, this is not deja-vu. Yes, we love doing workshops!

Another Free Workshop ALERT:
How to Create Healthy Habits that LAST

Join me and Monica Reinagel on July 5, 2022, to learn our 3 Step Method for creating sustainable behaviour change.

At this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the Attention / Intention / Action cycle to create the habits, mindset, and lifestyle that lead to weighing less without dieting.
  • How to identify what’s been holding you back and what you need to do instead to start actually weighing less (without dieting).
  • How let go of everything you know about losing weight and get ready to experience life as someone who weighs less for the long term.

Register for free at: weighless.life

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